Missouri residents can show off their pride in the University of Missouri-St. Louis by purchasing a UMSL license plate. A contribution of $25 or more ($50 to register for two-year plates) to the university allows for the use of the UMSL plate.

The Missouri Department of Revenue allows universities and community colleges in Missouri to issue collegiate personalized license plates. Personalized plates have license numbers composed of letters and numbers (maximum of six characters) selected by the vehicle owner. Collegiate personalized plates depict the school name, colors and emblem. Plates are available only to registered Missouri vehicles.

The following requirements must be met before submission to the Missouri Department of Revenue:

• An "Emblem Use Authorization Statement" signed by the Director of Alumni & Constituent Relations

• In order to receive this form, you must have made a gift of $25 to UMSL. Make check payable to UMSL and mail to Alumni & Constituent Relations, UMSL License Plate, One University Blvd., 101 Woods Hall, St. Louis, MO 63121

• For two-year plates, a $50 gift must be made

• This DOES NOT include membership dues paid to the UMSL Alumni Association.

An "Emblem Use Authorization Statement" gives the individual the right to display the emblem on their vehicle. Upon receipt of the signed authorization form, the applicant can mail the authorization form along with a personalized plate application and $15 ($30 for two-year plates) to:

Missouri Department of Revenue
Motor Vehicle Bureau
P.O. Box 100
Jefferson City, MO 65105

When the plates are ready, the Missouri Department of Revenue will mail a letter indicating that the plates are ready to be picked up at the license office requested on the application. This process takes at least 6 weeks. All questions about processing should be directed to the Department of Revenue via your local license bureau. Applicants are subject to Missouri laws, rules and regulations relating to the titling and registration of motor vehicles.

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